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GEVATRANS LTD was founded in 1990 by Vassilis and Maria Zissi, who both had been working for major freight forwarding companies for many years.

Initially, GEVATRANS was active in the Balkans area, specializing in road transportation between GREECE and TURKEY, which later became the company’s main line and area of expertise.

Nowadays, we can proudly claim that we are at the top of the list among the few companies which actually operate the GREECE-TURKEY-GREECE route.

However, the company’s professional and customer-friendly profile has contributed to its continuous and steady rise in the business world and, as a result, more regular routes to ITALY, FRANCE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL and the FAR EAST have also been opened.

Today GEVATRANS has become an established and utterly reliable firm, having a place in the board of International Forwarders Association in Greece, represented by Mrs. Zissi who has been elected in the board of directors.

GEVATRANS continues to look for new roads and new ways to conduct its business and continues to concentrate on the aims and principles, which were guiding the company from its beginning.

137 Syngrou Ave. N. Smyrni 171 21, Athens - Greece +30 210 9317941-2 +30 210 9317940

Βody representing international forwarding and logistics services enterprises.

Ordinary member of Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

Ordinary Member of FIATA

Ordinary Member of Permanent Logistics Committee




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