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Navicon SA was established at Piraeus on 2002. Our major activity in the early years was the collection and distribution of goods in Greece and generally in Europe. Slowly but steadily we accomplished to be consolidated in the sector of ocean freight transports. However we did not remain there, the passion for transports-logistics and the satisfaction we gain from servicing our clients, helped us expand our horizons, reaching us to the point to cover all spectrum of combined transport from and to the 5 continents.

With standard orientation in our business goals, in conjunction with the guarantee of lowest possible cost, the reliable information and the direct service, we manage to fulfill the needs of our clients and collaborators, based on an individualized model. In this way we are able to guarantee complete logistical ‘door to door’ services adjusted to the specific requirements and needs of each client. We provide high quality services in transport, integrated warehousing, logistics and reliable solutions regarding the management of the whole Supply Chain of our clients.

Since our establishment we manage to steadily increase our activities, maintaining a customer-focused strategy. In addition, we are committed to long-term training of our staff, while we have a comprehensive model for the selection, development, evaluation and growth of our suppliers. Our staff consists of young specialists with energy, willpower, and aspirations for the future, who with unrelenting enthusiasm are in a constant process of training, always being aware of new developments and innovations. Along with our compact team of agents all over the world and our domestic partners, we manage to make the reliability of our service success story.

Finally, in order to deal with the increasing volume in a more demanding environment, based on years of experience, we have invested in special software, the “in house forwarding”, which allows to provide transport solutions based on the exact needs of our clients.


137 Syngrou Ave. N. Smyrni 171 21, Athens - Greece +30 210 9317941-2 +30 210 9317940

Βody representing international forwarding and logistics services enterprises.

Ordinary member of Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

Ordinary Member of FIATA

Ordinary Member of Permanent Logistics Committee




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