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Ansorient is been activated in the field of international transports & Logistics since 1995, having acquired a very important place in the market, serving a great, important and illustrious customers' list. Since its foundation until today, Transorient has placed as target the excellent service of its clients, the enhancement of the provided services and the constant modernization of its equipment and structure. Today, Transorient is a dynamic company with healthy customers, certified under the standards of ISO 9001:2008 as far as the quality of the services are concerned, with up to date structures and electronic systems of corporate function management.

The last 3 years, Transorient has made certain aggressive business moves and investments, in order to service in the best way possible the arising needs of the existing collaborations and simultaneously to evaluate and take up the everyday challenges and opportunities, due to the very well established reputation in the market and acquired through years of experience 'know how' and expertise in international transport in managing special cargoes on behalf of improtant companies worldwide.

The results of this effort and policy, as well as the yearly levels of growth of the company, were made instantly visible providing a new prospective to the company to put in force the new strategic business plans and of course to expand its activities.

The reliability and professionalism (fundamental principles) remain along side with the specialization, the basic standards of everyday work and growth in which the company is always basing the accomplishment of its goals.

137 Syngrou Ave. N. Smyrni 171 21, Athens - Greece +30 210 9317941-2 +30 210 9317940

Βody representing international forwarding and logistics services enterprises.

Ordinary member of Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

Ordinary Member of FIATA

Ordinary Member of Permanent Logistics Committee




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